19th - 20th June 2024

Global Synergy for Animal Welfare: From Research to Impact

Workshop talk recordings are now available on our YouTube channel here

Animal welfare science is linked to research impact through its ability to inform and influence public opinion, practices and policies. Ultimately, animal welfare research impact is measured by its ability to drive positive changes in the way animals are treated, ensuring their wellbeing. There has been a huge increase in animal welfare research over recent decades and thus we might expect major improvements to global welfare standards. However, these improvements have been much slower than expected. The reasons for the gap between animal welfare research and its impact are multifactorial; however, a primary reason is the challenge of translating research findings into practical applications. While researchers may generate valuable insights and recommendations, implementing these changes in real-world settings is complex. Additionally, there may be resistance from individuals, industries and governments to adopt new practices that incur additional costs or require big changes to existing systems. It is therefore essential for researchers to work together with stakeholders in order to drive impactful changes, but opportunities for the various groups to meet are limited.

Addressing animal welfare research and impact gaps requires collaborative efforts between researchers, advocacy groups, industry and policymakers. Improved communication, knowledge translation, and funding allocation can help bridge the gaps and ensure that more welfare research has meaningful impact on improving animal lives. Thus, we are organising a global meeting to bring these hitherto divergent groups together in one forum. The meeting will allow us to develop a greater understanding of how to improve communication and sharing of knowledge, in order to ensure greater impact, better lives for animals, and for the people who depend on them.

We welcome contributions from researchers and individuals working for NGOs, governments and animal industries on topics concerning impact in animal welfare research. Talks may cover any species, terrestrial or aquatic and topics may include, for example, innovative welfare assessment protocols, case studies of successful NGO/industry partnerships, policy-driven welfare improvements, the role of technology in animal welfare, the human-animal bond, and inter or cross-disciplinary approaches to welfare.

Please provide details on how your research is currently impacting animal welfare on the ground or outline your future plans to achieve such impact. Additionally, we encourage discussions on the requirements of industry, NGOs, and governments from animal welfare researchers, as well as collaborations between researchers and these entities to enhance impact and animal welfare

Potential Topics
Farm Animal Welfare and Impact
Companion Animal Welfare and Impact (including exotic pets)
Wildlife Welfare and Impact (including in the field or zoo)
Laboratory Animal Welfare and Impact
Sport and Entertainment Animal Welfare and Impact
Working Animal Welfare and Impact
Aquatic Animal Welfare and Impact

Abstracts should be 200 words long. You can find more information on the Abstract Submission tab.

Important information

The two-day workshop is free to attend and will be held online during Central European summer daytime, June 19th-20th, 2024. With thanks to our funders: Centre for Animal Health and Welfare, City University of Hong Kong; Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences, City University of Hong Kong; University of Surrey, UK.

Contact Us: animalwelfareimpact@gmail.com
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Bluesky: @awimpact.bsky.social

Organisers: Dr Alan McElligott, Dr Elodie Briefer, Dr Kate Flay, Dr Xin Huo, Dr Marianne Mason, Dr Hannah Mumby, Dr Matthew Parker, Dr Rebecca Parkes & Dr Tamara Tadich.